This is what I want to say to the world at this moment in time. It gives me a lot of pleasure. I hope you like what you hear. It is simply guitar and vocal. That is why it is called Bare Bones. 

The artwork comes courtesy of Angie Briggs. As with Potting Shed and Crop Circles, Aaron Carter of Lodmoor Media was the sound engineer.

David Kidman has reviewed the album on behalf of Fatea. It has also been reviewed by Alan Morley .


Click on tracks to find the individual songs as well as lyrics plus some background information. 

If there is a youtube version, then this is indicated. You can listen to the whole album by clicking on Soundcloud. You can download this album via Spotify and  Right There Records. It is also available from many other major download outlets. If you are UK resident and wish to purchase a hard copy of Bare Bones CD, using paypal then click on Add to Cart below. The UK delivered price is £6.50.

© Paul J Openshaw 2012