Whilst driving a 32 tonne truck along the back lanes of Hampshire, a pheasant met it's end when it flew into the front of my lorry. I would have been delivering a load of cow cake at the time to one of the farms in the area. I recall scribbling the words down in the lorry cab, probably whilst blowing the cake into a farmer's bulk bin. I use DADGAD with capo on third fret to play this song. Soundcloud link is here.

Bonny Bonny Bird

Oh you bird, you bonny bonny bird, it causes me to grieve.

I didn't mean to bring you down, or you from life relieve,

But there's no way I can express, these feelings of remorse.

This way of life can seem unkind, as nature takes her course.

Oh you bird, you bonny bonny bird, if I could make amends,

But there's no way except to say, with sorrow my heart bends,

And you make me stop in my tracks to pause and to reflect.

How sad the man that will not give one such as you, respect.

Oh you bird, you bonny bonny bird, I've often heard you call,

Staking claim on your domain and standing proud and tall.

In field and wood these eyes beheld your glory in their sight,

As darkness falls at eventide and by dawn's early light.

Oh you bird, you bonny bonny bird, you have good thoughts inspired.

The only sadness is that thoughts like these, your death required,

But rest in peace you'll never be forgotten while I live.

I'd give you back the life I took if life were mine to give.

Paul J Openshaw (1990 - 1993)

© Paul J Openshaw 2012