Before listening to this song, then click on the words Jumping Jimmy and have a look at the legend in action at the Brittania Inn, Portland and also at the Golden Eagle in Weymouth . After looking at those two clips then look at this one, which was taken on a mobile phone on 25th May 2013. He has been described as the "worst rock and roll singer in the world". To be frank, I have nothing but admiration for anyone with that sort of self belief, especially when it is very much against the odds. You can hear the track on Soundcloud.

Jumping Jimmy Thunder

His mother called him Adrian,

His other name was Still.

I’ve not seen anything like him,

I can’t think that I will.

He doesn’t sound like Elvis,

But to be fair to Jumping Jim,

It could be said that Elvis

Doesn’t sound like him.


When there’s only been room to stand,

I have seen him down the pub.

I have watched him pull the punters,

At North Portland working mans club,

Gyrating like a lunatic

And giving of his best.

I have seen him work an audience,

Like a man who is possessed.


Who can tell what’s right or wrong?

I admire a man who’s tried.

No one’s ever laughed until,

They’ve laughed until they’ve cried.

I’ve laughed until I’ve cried,

Until I haven’t had a choice.

Let no one ever tell you,

That you haven’t got a voice


If a rule cannot be broken,

Then it cannot be a rule.

Don’t let a grockle pull you down,

Or tell you you’re a fool.

Some day I tend to think

That there are those around who’ll strive,

To jump like Jimmy Thunder

And keep his dream alive!


Paul J Openshaw (2008 ish)

© Paul J Openshaw 2012