Any couple who have been together for any length of time can probably relate to the daily ritual of the morning brew. Life would not be the same without it. You can listen to the track on Soundcloud.

The Morning Brew

Each and every morning he’s awake at half past five,

An early start has always been his way.

Something’s never alter much and something’s rarely change

He likes an early rise to meet the day.

He wipes the sleep out of his eyes and trundles down the stairs,

Then from the tap he fills the kettle up.

He makes a pot of tea and lets it brew upon the side,

And that’s before he takes his wife a cup!


He tiptoes up the stairs so he can leave it by her bed,

He rests it on a paper or a book.

She doesn’t really stir but once or twice he’s seen her eyelids

Flicker open as she tries to take a look.

It’s surprising how it is that you can read a situation,

By some simple intuition or a tone.

He whispers, “have a nice day” as he bids a fond farewell,

And then, he grabs his car keys and his mobile phone!


When he’s gone to work, she grunts and clambers out of bed

Into her bedroom slippers and her gown,

She takes the lukewarm mug from where he left it where he did,

She finds the stairs to wend the short way down.

She sticks it in the microwave to heat it quickly through,

And that’s before she goes to run the bath.

Then before she knows it, she has dressed and shut the door

And off to work, she’s whizzed off down the path!


He’s mostly home in half an hour from finishing at three,

It’s almost like a programme in his brain.

He reaches in the microwave to find the morning brew

He tips it in the sink and down the drain.

There is no rhyme or reason and there really is no logic

If there is, it’s one I cannot see,

But you wouldn’t want to know the downward turn a day can take,

If she doesn’t get her morning cup of tea!


Paul J Openshaw (2009 ish)

© Paul J Openshaw 2012