My Elephants Graveyard

My Elephants Graveyard


My Elephants’ Graveyard – a book by Paul J Openshaw with illustrations by Jan Stroud. 

It has been said that every songwriter is likely to have an elephants’ graveyard full of lyrics. This will undoubtedly consist of half finished songs, ideas for songs and perhaps even random words and lines, which might have seemed like a good idea at the time. I am no exception.

In this book, My Elephants’ Graveyard, I have drawn together material, which is or has, at some point, been in that category, with a common theme of animals. I have also incorporated various completed animal themed songs, which are likely to have spent some development time, along the way, in my elephants’ graveyard.

UK Customers can purchase the book for £6.00 delivered.


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